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Shelter Solutions offer a wide and varied range of canopies to suit all requirements. To choose the right canopy for you, first you must consider what is the purpose of the shelter? What size are you looking for? What is the existing ground cover? And where would you like the shelter on your property?


The reason you are looking for a canopy will ultimately decide which you choose from our canopy range. We offer canopies that have bench seats for parents to wait for their children in relative comfort, or canopies to cover up play areas, or outdoor dining areas. We have canopies that can be used as interactive classrooms. If you tell us exactly what you wish to use one of our canopies for, we will tailor the options to suit your personal needs.


The size of the canopy is generally determined by your budget. If you tell us exactly what available space you have we will happily work with you to find the best solution to your needs at the best possible price. If you are unsure of the size you require, contact us, we will come and see you free of charge and help you to decide.

Ground Cover

What is the current ground cover where you intend the canopy to be installed? If you wish the canopy to be installed on a playground surface such as tarmac, or soft play surface, this would require footings around the canopy columns supports the canopy in the ground. If however you require the shelter to be fitted into a grassed area, we would have to install a concrete base the full size of the shelter. This takes much longer to do and can increase the overall cost.


When choosing where to have your canopy installed think, how will my shelter look in 12 months time? One of the biggest maintenance problems our customers face is falling leaves. If you wish the shelter to be installed under trees, then maybe consider having a solid steel roof, instead of a clear polycarbonate roof. Leaves stain the polycarbonate and also block the gutters of the canopy. This results in new canopies looking old and worn in a single year. Contact us and ask for a free site survey, where we can advise you on all your needs.

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