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Cycle Shelters

Cycle Shelters

Shelter Solutions can tailor any style of cycle shelter to suit your requirements. In order to help you understand what you are looking for, cycle shelters can be broken down into 4 key questions. Capacity? Existing ground cover? Desired location? And BREEAM spacing or standard spacing?


Capacity is the simplest of all four questions to answer. How many cycles would you like to store? A standard 2 metre x 4 metre cycle shelter can store 10 bikes. A BREEAM 2 metre x 4 metre shelter can only store 8 bikes (this will be explained under question 4). A 20 cycle capacity shelter will have to be 2 metres wide x 8 metres in length. As you can see, once your required capacity reaches 20 cycles or more, the cycle shelter begins to take up a lot of space. If you do require a larger capacity, take a look at our Cycle Compounds, which are specifically designed to cater for larger quantities of bikes in confined space.

Ground Cover

What is the current ground cover where you intend the shelter to be installed? Is it grass? Or a tarmac car park? The ground cover has a significant impact on the overall cost of your cycle shelter. If for example you wanted Shelter Solutions to install a 10 cycle capacity shelter into a grassed area, a new 2.5 metre x 4.5 metre concrete base would need to be formed for the shelter to be bolted onto. This would take a day to form the new concrete base and also a day to fit the shelter. If Shelter Solutions were to install a 10 cycle capacity cycle shelter into a tarmac car park we would only need to dig 4 footings and concrete the shelter in place. This would all be done on one day using much less material.

Desired Location

When deciding on the location of your cycle shelter, one of the most important issues you must consider is the future maintenance of the shelter. If you were to have your cycle shelter installed under low hanging trees for example, when autumn comes and the leaves drop they will inevitably gather on the roof of your cycle shelter. This will lead to unpleasant marks on the polycarbonate of your shelter. If you are lacking in alternative locations, then we recommend having your shelter clad in solid plastisol sheets coated to match the colour of your shelter.

BREEAM or Standard Spacing

As briefly highlighted in question one, you can park more bikes in a smaller space using standard 750mm cycle hoop spacing’s that you could using 1000mm BREEAM cycle hoop spacing’s.
BREEAM is an environmental assessment method and rating system, assessing how environmentally friendly buildings are. BREEAM have determined that the optimum spacing for cycle racks is 1000mm between each cycle stand. However in the cycle shelter industry it is widely accepted that the optimum spacing between cycle stands is 750mm. Some people choose to have the BREEAM cycle spacing and some choose the standard spacing. There is no right or wrong answer; we are more than happy to make either style of cycle rack for you.

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