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Cycle Shelters In Birmingham

Cycle Shelters In Birmingham


Birmingham was once known for its intricate canals and waterways; today, though, you are just as likely to see a cyclist as you are a barge or canal boat. As with the majority of UK cities, as congestion has increased, so too has the popularity of cycling. We can see this in the introduction, by Birmingham county council, of greater numbers of cycle lanes and cycle routes, as well as the increased numbers of cycle shelters in Birmingham.

Shelter Solutions has created many of the cycle shelters that you can see in Birmingham city centre and the surrounding area. Our popularity rests on several factors. Firstly, we have our own local factory in which we design and build our cycle shelters. This allows us to offer truly bespoke solutions to individuals and businesses searching for something unique from their cycle shelters. A great example of our flexibility is the Wentworth High School cycle shelter in Manchester, where we liaised with pupils and staff to create a fully-secure, lockable cycle shelter, with a fully enclosed roof.

When we design our shelters, we do so with the customer in mind. We work closely with our clientele to ensure that we deliver precisely the quality and expertise expected. There are many features which we can integrate into our designs, for example, a curved shape to the roof of the shelter will prevent the build-up of debris, which in turn reduces the onset of decay, and which therefore gives our shelters the advantage of longevity. If you are considering a cycle shelter for your area, then please contact us for further information.


Custom made by Shelter Solutions cycle shelter in Birmingham

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