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Cycle shelters in Cumbria

Cycle shelters in Cumbria


The beautiful scenery in Cumbria, with the Lake District at its heart, affords excellent opportunities for leisure cycling. There are ongoing plans to further open up the wonderful scenery in the county to form a complete cycling network which uses, where possible, lightly trafficked minor roads - some of which are challenging in the mountain region.

 On busier roads, off road cycle and walking routes are being developed. Cumbria is predominantly rural and is considered to be one of England's most outstanding areas of natural beauty, serving as an inspiration for artists, writers, musicians and poets such as William Wordsworth. Cycling is an economic, environmentally friendly and healthy form of transport. It can help reduce congestion and noise pollution and improve air quality for all users of the county. Regular cycling provides a number of health benefits. Many journeys presently made by car are short trips where cycling provides a realistic alternative. Emphasis is given by the county council to encouraging an increasing number of journeys by bike to school and work.

 Getting on your bike for the journey to work is a also a great way to get fit and healthy. But you can’t expect people to cycle to work if they can’t have a shower or store their bike safely when they get there. That's where employers and organizations can play a part by providing cycle shelters to encourage families to cycle their way to better health. Grants may be available for the provision of bike shelters. For cycle shelters in Cumbria please see this company which will provide you with a bespoke service that includes a free site survey and quotation. An experienced surveyor will discuss with you exactly what you desire from a cycle shelter, offering expertise where necessary to ensure the finished article is exactly what you were looking for and more. Click here for examples of cycle shelters in Cumbria.

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