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Cycle Shelters In Edinburgh

Cycle Shelters In Edinburgh


Edinburgh is a quaint and majestically ancient city that is quintessentially Scottish. To visit Edinburgh, feels to step back in time. Although the people and much of the activity are truly metropolitan and contemporary, the architecture adds an ancient appeal to the city. It is unsurprising, then, that Edinburgh is the home of British cycling. Here, people would much rather take to their bikes than take to their cars, so that they can experience the city as it feels it should be.

In Edinburgh, you will find many cycle shelters at which the everyday cyclist can leave their bikes, while they take to the pavements by foot, either to go to work, to tour the city, or to grab lunch and have a little shop. Many of the cycle shelters that you find in Edinburgh are designed and installed by Shelter Solutions. We have our own local factory, where we undertake the full manufacturing process ourselves. For this reason, Shelter Solutions is able to offer truly bespoke designs. This is why, for cities such as Edinburgh, which have their own distinct architecture, we provide the best cycle shelter solutions. We are able to tailor our cycle shelters to the local environment, ensuring that they blend in naturally, and do not appear garish, or out of place.

If you are searching for solutions for cycle shelters in Edinburgh, then please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements. We will work alongside you to help create your ideal cycle shelter.


Custom made by Shelter Solutions cycle shelter in Edinburgh

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