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Cycle Shelters In Leicester

Cycle Shelters In Leicester


Throughout the UK, cycling is becoming an ever popular mode of transport, and is fast surpassing the car in many city centres. Leicester city centre is no exception. Today, cycling is less of a sport or a leisure activity, and much more a way of getting around without the encumbrance of city traffic. Cycling helps relieve congestion, and from the cyclists point of view, avoids waiting in the queues of rush hour traffic.

In short, then, cycling is convenient, it is healthy and it is environmentally friendly. This is why the majority of local city councils are increasingly popularising cycling. They are actively encouraging their citizens to take to their bikes, instead of their cars. There are several steps that councils take to ensure the popularity of cycling. Firstly, they create cycle routes, where other types of traffic are not allowed. Next, they may offer incentives, such as free bike hire (although you will usually have to pay a deposit in case you damage the bike). Finally, they will build cycle shelters, so that cyclists have a secure place to leave their bikes.

Now, it is not just city councils that need to encourage bikes, if, as a country, we wish to reduce pollution, then all business and educational establishments should actively encourage cycling. Your business can help by making it easier for your employees to cycle to work. Have a secure cycle shelter, where your employs can leave their bikes knowing that they will be safe, will prove invaluable. This in turn should save the business time, space and money. If you would like further information about cycle shelters in Leicester then please contact us today.


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