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Cycle Shelters - Secure

Cycle Shelters - Secure

Shelter Solutions range of secure cycle shelters are designed to give the user complete confidence that their bike will still be there when they get back. Secure cycle shelters are generally used in schools or places of work where the general public can gain access to where the bikes are stored. Again there are several questions that need consideration before deciding on a secure cycle shelter.

Do I need it?

A secure cycle shelter in some instances can be an unnecessary expense. Do you intend to install your shelter in a secure part of the school? If the general public can’t gain access to the cycle shelter then maybe a standard cycle shelter would suffice?

If you have had a problem with theft or wish to do everything in your power to ensure your users will never be a victim of theft then rest assured, our secure cycle shelters are the most secure on the market. With anti tamper hinge plates, security mesh panels and high security key locks, you can lock your bike up in complete confidence.


How many cycles would you like to store? A standard 2 metre x 4 metre cycle shelter can store 10 bikes. A 20 cycle capacity shelter will have to be 2 metres wide x 8 metres in length. If you wish to store more than 20 bikes you may wish to view our cycle compounds. Again with the highest security as standard they may prove a more attractive and effective solution to your cycle parking needs.

Ground Cover?

Ground cover is a question we will continually ask, as this alone has the biggest effect on the cost of your cycle shelter. It is much more cost effective to install one of our secure cycle shelters into a tarmac or flagged area, as we would simply dig out a footing for each column and concrete them in place. If however you don’t have enough available walkway or playground to install a cycle shelter, we can install one on your playing field or unused flower bed. This method will require a new concrete base to be formed, but is an option regularly used by our customers to make use of unused areas of their property.

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