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Pram Shelters

Pram Shelters

Shelter Solutions range of pram shelters are perfect for storing large quantities of prams and buggies or where prams are left for extended periods of time. With our unique twin tether rail design our pram shelters can store large amounts of prams or buggies neatly and safely. To help you decide on what exactly you need you will need to consider a few important points.


The size of your pram shelter depends on available space and the quantity of prams you wish to store. As I’m sure your aware the size of prams massively varies depending on the brand so it can prove difficult to estimate exactly how many prams any one shelter can store. We recommend you take advantage of our free site survey, where we can see exactly how much available space you have and how many prams you need to store. This way we can tailor you pram shelter to your exact needs.

Ground Cover

Ground cover is a very important consideration when choosing your pram shelter. It is cheaper to install your pram shelter into a tarmac or flagged area. That way you won’t need a new concrete base, just smaller footings to support the shelter. However we realise that space restrictions can be an issue and the shelter may need to be installed into a grass or ‘soft’ area. In this instance we would dig out and form a new concrete base to secure the shelter to, and it also provides a nice surface for the parents to walk on.


Pram Shelters

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