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When it comes to traffic, London is one of the busiest cities in the world with an ever increasing number of vehicles on the roads. The population of the city exceeds 8 million and with most using some form of motorisedtransport, it comes as no surprise that there are frequent traffic gridlocks in the city.

The only feasible solution to this is to encourage the use of bicycles, instead of motorised vehicles. With the initiation of cycle lanes, the use of public bicycles has risen and it has encouraged the use of cycle shelters, which has led to a decrease in traffic jams.  

The irony is there are still quite a few individuals who are hesitant to use bicycles as a mode of transport, instead of their cars. With the underlying fear being crime, there is a general notion that cycle shelters do not offer sufficient security.

The truth is, contemporary cycle shelters come in a variety of designs and are made of tamper proof materials with secure locking systems that can only be accessed by their own keys. These are ideal for apartment complexes, schools and businesses where a large number of people have regular access.

With the purpose of ensuring that your bike is absolutely secure, Shelter Solutions supplies tamperproof cycle shelters to numerous clients.

We also offer customised cycle shelters as per your requirements, so you can rest assured that your bicycle is secure. Please feel free to contact us for any queries you might have.  

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