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Waiting Shelters

Waiting Shelters

Shelter Solutions range of waiting shelters are very popular with schools due to their varied uses. For example Primary and Junior schools use the waiting shelters to provide a covered area for the parents to wait in whilst picking their children up. They also make use of notice boards attached to the shelter to draw the parent’s attention to important school announcements. High schools on the other hand use our waiting shelters for their pupils to relax on their break as well as outdoor learning facilities to stimulate learning.

There are a few points to consider when deciding on one of our waiting shelters. Firstly what do you require from the shelter? What available space do you have? And what is the existing ground cover?


There are various different applications you could use a Shelter Solutions waiting shelter for. As stated above a waiting shelter could be used for parents waiting to pick up their children, or teachers to use as an aid to help teach their class, or older children to use to help calm down and relax on their dinner break, we have even supplied a waiting shelter as an extended dining area for the children on their dinner break. Whatever the purpose we can make a shelter that will suit your needs completely.


We can design and make any size of shelter you require. With our expert site surveyors and design department we are confident that not only can we supply exactly what you want, but we won’t be beaten on price. If you are unsure on what you want or what size you will need, take advantage of our free site survey and let our expert surveyors help guide you.

Ground Cover

Ground cover is the arguably the most important question we will ask you and is very simple to answer! Where would you like the waiting shelter to be installed? Is it a grassed area? Is it a hard tarmac or flagged area? There are two main types of groundwork that is required when fitting any of our shelters. Firstly there are footings. This method is mainly used when installing into a tarmac or flagged area. We will dig a hole for each column of the shelter and concrete them in place, dying the concrete to match the current ground colour. The second option is a concrete base. This is generally used when the canopy is to be installed into a field or ‘soft’ area. We will dig out the area and form a new concrete base a little bigger than the proposed canopy. We will then form a new level concrete base and once dry, bolt your waiting shelter to the base.

View our Waiting Shelters here.

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