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Walkways & Linkways

Walkways & Linkways

Shelter Solutions have provided walkways in various sizes and styles, from 40 metre long walkways to walkways going around corners; we have the expertise and knowledge to overcome any obstacle. There are a few questions that will need consideration before deciding on what walkway you would like. Firstly what size would you like your walkway? Secondly, what style of walkway would you like?


Walkways & linkways can be as long or as short as you need. They can follow the external wall of your building, link two separate buildings or simply run from point A to point B completely free standing. We can supply a walkway, 4 metres wide and any length you want. Contact us, we would be happy to advise you and even provide a free site survey, helping you determine budget costs and design ideas.


The style of your walkway or linkway is determined by your imagination. We will take your ideas and provide you with a design showing how your walkway would look. Anything from linking buildings to providing a long canopy walkway we will help you decide on the best solution to suit you.

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