15 year guaranteeFirst and most importantly, all these products are made from 100% aluminium, so they will never rust. We are happy to provide a free 15-year guarantee. Covered Walkways are an ideal solution to link two buildings or simply to cover a stretch of pedestrian pathway. We have installed many Walkways for schools as well as hospitals and businesses all over the United Kingdom and have had very positive feedback.

To maximize protection from inclement weather, we can also enclose our walkways using glazing panels such as Toughened Safety Glass or Alupanel Skybond. Both materials are extremely hard-wearing and are very easy to maintain.

Here at Shelter Solutions, we specialize in bespoke designs. If the area you’re looking to cover is awkward or you’re looking for the walkway to wrap around a corner of a building for example, we can provide this. Our surveyors have many years of experience between them, so no job would be to daunting. Please take advantage of our free site survey we offer, and we’ll do our utmost best to offer you the perfect product.

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They cost as little as £315 per meter.  That is based on the roof being 2m wide; that’s a nice size for a covered walkway.

No, you need special equipment and years of training.  Even small general builders right up to the larges building firms always ask the manufacturers to fit them.  However, it does need to be at all expensive.  A free site survey will confirm the price for you.

Here at Shelter-Solutions we make all our Covered Walkways out of aluminium profiles so there is never an issue with rust, in fact we are happy to guarantee them for 15 years against rust.

There is little or no maintenance, a wash down once a year with warm soapy water and they will stay looking as good as new.

As aluminium is a much lighter material the fitting cost are far cheaper.

Normally we like to glazed the Covered Walkway roofs with solid 4mm Tinted UV stable polycarbonate.  As the roofs are Domed this gives the solid polycarbonate increasable strength.

Naturally it depends on the location and what if any ‘extra’ work is required, why not take advantage of the free site survey service on offer.  This is not a sales call but you’ll find the staff not only friendly but full of useful money saving suggestions.

Yes Solar Panels are not a problem; as Solar Panels vary so much in price we would be happy to discuss this with you.  Whichever Solar Panel System you prefer we buy them on your behalf and don’t even add a percentage on.  There is not even a fitting cost if ordered with the shelter.

The same with strip lighting, we fit thee at cost but you would need your own electrician to make connections, just for your own sake and your own insures.

Yes, no problem at all, visit our enclosed Walkways for more information.