15 year guaranteeHere at Shelter Solutions we have the distinct advantage over any other shelter manufacturer as we can make Storage Solutions out of Aluminium, up to a size limit or steel if you require something really big!

Shelter Solutions have built a reputation of manufacturing bespoke products to the highest standard. From our free site survey service to using the same team who will make the shelter they will fit it, ensuring the highest standards are maintained, and always cheaper than any other manufacturers.

With all our products you get a free 15 year guarantee T&C apply.

See below a small selection of similar works we have carried out but talk to us, we are here to help.

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As these Shelters are bespoke made to certain and minor awkward required sizes and shapes on occasions, it is hard to be able to put a price on these.

You can have any style of roof, Domed, Pitched or Flat and the price will not alter whichever roof you prefer.

Yes, but this is if you hold the correct Certificates in order to work on the grounds where the shelter is to be located, that’s why Shelter-Solutions will always quote with delivery and installation, average cost between £600 to £800 plus vat depending upon your location and work involved.

You should therefore avoid any direct sales companies who sell you a Bespoke Storage Shelter saying they will provide assembly details. Bespoke Storage Shelters can be very awkward, and it would be very much in your best interests to have ourselves install a shelter like this.

Bespoke Storage Shelters used to be made from mild steel, in fact some companies still manufacture them in steel but they do rust and they are very and high maintenance; they need rubbing down and re painting with rust protection after 5 years or less in exposed conditions.

Here at Shelter-Solutions we make all our Bespoke Storage Shelters out of aluminium profiles so there is never an issue with rust, in fact we are happy to guarantee them for 15 years against rust.

There is little or no maintenance, a wash down once a year with warm soapy water and they will stay looking as good as new.

As aluminium is a much lighter material the fitting cost are far cheaper.  In the event one is damaged the repair costs are much cheaper and they cause less damage to the ground-works.

We always recommend 6mm TSG (Toughened Safety Glass) but you can have 4mm Polycarbonate at the same price.  However, in our opinion TSG is much better. Glass is easy to clean, does not scratch and stays cleaner looking. Steel mesh can be used as well as sheet metal profiling if you were looking for the shelter to be opaque.

Naturally it depends on the location and what if any ‘extra’ work is required, but normally between £600 – £800 plus vat.

Yes Solar Panels are not a problem; as Solar Panels vary so much in price we would be happy to discuss this with you.  Whichever Solar Panel System you prefer we buy them on your behalf and don’t even add a percentage on.  There is not even a fitting cost if ordered with the shelter.

Bespoke Storage Shelters made from mild steel may last 10 years, but we have found speaking to clients who purchased them in the past that they need to re paint them after say 5 years; whereas aluminium Smoking Shelters will last more than 20 years, and yet they generally cost less!