Here at Shelter-Solutions we were the innovators of Outdoor Classrooms as OFSTED required school to provide an area were children could continue to learn and play outdoors in any weathers, not easy in the UK. These Outdoor Classrooms are simply canopies enclosed with roller shutters (which we would now advise against*) or glazed panels with doors, including Fire Doors, most important.

As we are a small company we think of you and your budget, so myself and my team will always recommend you start with the canopy, enclosing one or two sections, mainly the ends then add glazing and doors along the front a and when required. Something only a small thoughtful company like ourselves would think of, we do not employ sales people, there is no need; we simply advise what’s best for you.

So, if your school I bursting at the seams and you want to provide a safe place for the children to lean and play and avoid having to bring in all that play equipment at the end of the day, ring us, let’s see if we can help you.

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