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“Welcome to the original Shelter-Solutions” where bespoke is standard to our manufacturing centre.

I say this as all our shelters and canopies are hand made in our own UK factory.  I also say original as due to our 100% satisfaction rating other companies have tried to copy our name; however, you’ve come to the right place.

Here we hand make all our products ensure a very  high standard of quality, in fact the same people who make your shelter will be fitting it, another way we take pride in our workmanship.

But this won’t cost you more than the mass produced canopies and shelters made by others, in fact we strive to be cheaper as we are a small company with lower overheads.

Wherever possible we manufacture your canopy or shelter out of aluminium, but we are lucky, we have our own steel manufacturers where required on the much larger canopies and small cycle shelters.  So no matter what your requirements, I am sure my staff will be able to assist you.  Give them a call and take advantage of our free site survey service where they will provide you with an artist impression and competitive price.

Charles Barnes
MD of Shelter-Solutions

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We provide a free site survey and are more than happy to discuss your requirements

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