1. Delivery: Normally 3-4 weeks from receipt of Official Order unless otherwise agreed with the client.

  2. Installation: Where prices for installation are quoted or are inclusive in the price the following conditions apply:

    1. Our price assumes that your representative will be available when our installation team arrives to instruct site locations. (Also if possible a plan of the intended locations should be included with order).

    1. The sites should be clear of any obstructions.

    1. Our price assumes level sites.

    1. All necessary permission for installing shelters must have been obtained by yourselves. Where the shelter is to be sub fixed all services should be clearly marked with sufficient clearance available to allow foundations to be excavated and set.

    1. Our Installers will re-instate excavated holes with concrete or cold mix to the finished floor level, but we do not undertake for re-instatement with asphalt/tarmac. If a new surface is being applied we recommend that this work be carried out immediately when our site operatives finish on site by a separate approved contractor.

    1. Where paving stones, etc are involved the greatest care will be taken but we will not be held responsible for any breakages, if a concern you may wish to provide spare flags .

    1. Our price assumes that the work can be undertaken in one visit to the area and that no delays are experienced due to work being unable to proceed after the goods have left our factory. This includes if upon arrival at the site the base is not the required size and we are not able to commence installation.

Should we be unable to carry out the work due to circumstances outside of our control, a minimum charge of £400.00 + VAT will apply.

    1. Our price assumes that normal excavating conditions prevail and any additional costs incurred, i.e. the provision of compressors, etc for hard excavating conditions will be charged at an additional cost.

    1. We have assumed in our price that the shelter is not connected to an electrical supply and will act on this unless advised otherwise. If the shelter is connected then its disconnection is your responsibility and we will require written confirmation from you that this has been carried out. Our installers are instructed to check on arrival at the site that there is no evidence of a supply to the shelter. If we attend site and it is found that a supply has not been disconnected (or we have not been advised of its existence even if it has been disconnected) we may charge for a wasted visit. If you are not sure if a supply is connected, your local electricity company will be able to advise you. Shelter Solutions can arrange for disconnections on your behalf and can provide a quotation for this if required.

    1. Where shelters are supplied with lights our price includes for internal shelter wiring to a fused connector block only. All exterior electrical work and mains connections are the customer’s responsibility. Time switches can be supplied at an extra cost.

  1. Retentions: We DO NOT accept retentions.

  2. Our aluminium products are guaranteed for 15- 20 years against rust.

  3. Steel products are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years if you have chosen the galvanising option. None galvanised products are 12 months.

  4. Polyester Powder-Coating is guaranteed for 5 years.

  5. These guarantees do not apply if the product has been vandalised or damaged.

Guarantees does not apply to the locking doors, both pin coded & key operated along with information panels etc.

The installation team will show you the correct use of locks and we shall be happy to provide you with simple maintenance instructions along with instructions on how to change your pin number.

  1. Cancellation: Should an order be cancelled prior to the commencement of manufacture, an automatic administration fee of £50.00 + VAT will be payable.

If the manufacture of the order has commenced, we reserve the right to charge up to 75% of the total order value as a cancellation charge dependent upon the stage of manufacture reached at the time of the cancellation being received by us.

If the order is cancelled at short notice e.g., the day before/on the day at the clients request, we reserve the right to charge £350.00 + VAT (installation cost) if we cannot re-employ our installation team on alternative projects.

On placing an order by fax, post or email you automatically accept Maypole Manufacturing Ltd T/AS Shelter Solutions Terms and Conditions.

All shelters remain the property of Maypole Manufacturing Ltd T/AS Shelter Solutions until payment has been received and cleared


T&C’s August 2017

Shelter Solutions is a trading name of Maypole Manufacturing Ltd.