15 year guaranteeFirst and most importantly, all these products are made from 100% aluminium, so they will never rust. We are happy to provide a free 15-year guarantee which T&C’s apply. Here at Shelter Solutions we have many years of experience working with schools to find the right products they require. In addition to our Walkways, Cycle Shelters and Storage Shelters we have manufactured and installed for schools, the most popular product is our Canopies.

Our School Canopies can be made to all size and shapes as bespoke is not an issue for us. There are many benefits of using our services to provide a School Canopy, just a few being;
• We use UV stable roofing which lets light in but also protects from damaging UV rays
• Side Panels, Doors, Fire Doors and Roller Shutters can be added to the structure to enclose the shelter which is perfect for offering children the option to partake in play and learning outside while keeping protected from inclement weather
• Perfect for being used as a storage shelter to keep toys and playground items safe out of school hours

The same team who manufactures your shelter will also install your shelter. This means our fitting teams take maximum pride in their work as well as there being no cross complications between parties as they know will know exactly how it is to be installed.

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The vast majority of schools we deal with require canopies to be an extension to the school classroom.  So teachers can open the door to the classroom and the children can go out and play.  However, we do often provide smaller free standing canopies, the most popular being 4m x 4m (13foot x 13 foot) so that’s a very good size.  Costing just over £2,200 ex works.

We can make smaller ones, but that is the most popular.

No not really, you need special equipment and years of training.  Even small general builders right up to the larges building firms always ask the manufacturers to fit them.  However, it does need to be at all expensive.  A free site survey will confirm the price for you.

Here at Shelter-Solutions we make all our School Canopies out of aluminium profiles so there is never an issue with rust, in fact we are happy to guarantee them for 15 years against rust.

There is little or no maintenance, a wash down once a year with warm soapy water and they will stay looking as good as new.

As aluminium is a much lighter material the fitting cost are far cheaper.

Normally we like to glazed our School Canopies roofs with 15mm White Opaque multiwall polycarbonate.  This cuts all the glare out yet lets the light in. However, we can offer at the same price darker shades of glazing, in many cases for the same price if sun shade is required.

Naturally it depends on the location and what if any ‘extra’ work is required, why not take advantage of the free site survey service on offer.  This is not a sales call but you’ll find the staff not only friendly but full of useful money saving suggestions.

Yes, no problem at all, click on our enclosed entrance canopies listing on our website and you will see examples here.