15 year guaranteeThe vast majority of our Entrance Canopies are made from 100% aluminium profile, why, well they will never rust is the simple answer.

No messy galvanising to rub down so the paint job is so much nicer. No matter how carefully steel Entrance Canopies are made, when being drilled on site the disturbs the galvanising and rust will show, so always go for aluminium.

Polyester powder-coated to any RAL or BS colour, 15 year Guarantee, cheaper than anyone else you can’t go wrong.

In addition your entrance canopy will be fitted by our own highly trained staff, we pride ourselves on our quality, so the team that manufacture your entrance canopy will be the same team that fits it.

Give us a quick call and tell us what you need and we shall do our best to make it happen.

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We find that an average office or works entrance door and side panel measures 2.0m 6’5” so for a 2.0m x 2.0m Entrance Canopy these cost £1,600

This however will include everything (apart from fitting, see below).  They are made from high grade 100% aluminium extrusion.  Tinted polycarbonate.  Round support posts made to measure and all the fitting required.

One 3m x 3m for example only cost a little more £1,900, this is large enough for most buildings.

Yes but you must be physically able as there will be heavy lifting, you would also need some equipment.  You may wish to ask for the delivery and installation price, or even better ask for a free site survey.

Here at Shelter-Solutions we make all our Entrance Canopies out of aluminium profiles so there is never an issue with rust, in fact we are happy to guarantee them for 15 years against rust.

There is little or no maintenance, a wash down once a year with warm soapy water and they will stay looking as good as new.

As aluminium is a much lighter material the fitting cost are far cheaper.

Normally we like to glazed the Entrance Canopies roofs with solid 4mm Tinted UV stable polycarbonate.  As the roofs are Normally Domed this gives the solid polycarbonate increasable strength.

Naturally it depends on the location and what if any ‘extra’ work is required, why not take advantage of the free site survey service on offer.  This is not a sales call but you’ll find the staff not only friendly but full of useful money saving suggestions.

Yes, no problem at all, click on our enclosed entrance canopies listing on our website and you will see examples here.