Here at Shelter Solutions we fully advocate the use of cycles as much as possible. Beneficial to health as well as fuel consumption and environmental control, we believe having access to cycling is an integral part of combating the negative impact of these three examples.

The incentive to cycle starts at being able to facilitate for cycles and offering potential users’ peace of mind over their equipment. Bespoke designs, as continuously advised throughout our product descriptions is not a problem for us. We can offer any size and shape required. Please take advantage of our free site survey and a member of our team will be more than happy to visit and find the right product for you.

Our Cycle Shelters can be made to be fully secured utilizing locking hinged or sliding gates offering maximum protection against inclement weather or the unfortunate event of thefts. Please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be more than happy to listen and advise which we think would be the perfect option for you.

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As these Shelters are bespoke made to certain and minor awkward required sizes and shapes on occasions, it is hard to be able to put a price on these.

You can have any style of roof, Domed, Pitched or Flat and the price will not alter whichever roof you prefer.

Yes, but this is if you hold the correct Certificates in order to work on the grounds where the shelter is to be located, that’s why Shelter-Solutions will always quote with delivery and installation, average cost between £600 to £800 plus vat depending upon your location and work involved.

You should therefore avoid any direct sales companies who sell you a Cycle Shelter saying they will provide assembly details. Cycle Shelters can be very awkward, and it would be very much in your best interests to have ourselves install a shelter like this.

Cycle Shelters are generally made from mild steel, but

as aluminium is a much lighter material the fitting cost are far cheaper, we try to use Aluminium if possible, but we know this can’t always be the case. To ensure the steel is not open to rust, we have our steel sections hot dipped galvanised into a bath of molten zinc which protects the steel from rust. To finish the steel smoothly, we will powder coat this to the colour of our client’s choice. This ensures the shelters life span is maximised to its full potential.

We generally glaze our Cycle Shelters using 4mm Polycarbonate.  However, we are able to utilise different glazing methods to match a client’s requirements and perforations. Steel mesh can be used to give a shelter strong security from the unfortunate event where a person tries to get into the shelter”

Naturally it depends on the location and what if any ‘extra’ work is required, but normally between £600 – £800 plus vat.

Yes Solar Panels are not a problem; as Solar Panels vary so much in price we would be happy to discuss this with you.  Whichever Solar Panel System you prefer we buy them on your behalf and don’t even add a percentage on.  There is not even a fitting cost if ordered with the shelter.

Yes, here at Shelter Solutions we believe not worrying abut the contents within a Cycle Shelter is very important. We have two main styles of gated which a Cycle Shelter can have which is sliding or hinged gates. The gates will be glazed with Steel Mesh again for maximum security, and the shelter may only be accessible by Hasp & Staple lock, as well as other locking methods such as Pin Coded Locks and electronic key fobs.