The demand by staff for Smoking Shelters is now changing as more and more ex smoking’s move to eSig’s.

Smoking shelters must be 50% glazed and 50% open, not a nice place to be when the weathers so bad and ex-smokers are no longer prepared to share the spaces provided with those smoking.

So here at Shelter-Solutions we have our range of Vaping Shelters to go along with our Smoking Shelters and we can even do one for both sets of users; such is the advantage of a small company who make everything bespoke.

All our shelters are made from 100% aluminium extrusion, so they will never rust, in fact we provide free 15 year guarantee T&C apply, as we know a simple wash down with soapy water once a year will keep your Smoking/Vaping shelter looking like new.

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