15 year guaranteeThe first and most importantly all these products are made from 100% aluminium, so the will never rust. We are happy to provide a free 15 year guarantee.

Now you will see when looking for buggy shelters on other web sites how other companies make then from steel; steel is a very heavy unsightly material which even if they do fully galvanise the steel it will still rust if scratched.

Secondly, while we were designing these buggy shelter and pram shelters SureStart who asked for number of each, were concerned about the security of the buggies. We therefore fitted buggy tether rails that on the buggy shelters run from front to back. By using a simple cycle lock ensuring the buggies remain inside the shelter. Now you will again see looking at other web site how the run along the front. Yes cheaper to make, but how silly, the buggy shelter is then pulled out into the rain!

As we make all of these shelters by hand in our own factory, bespoke is not a problem, we can make one to fit in the area you have available and to your specifications. So if you don’t see what you want contact us, or chat on line if you prefer, we are here to help.

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We could start lower by saying a small 2m buggy shelter, but you are bet looking at the 3m (9foot 8inch) £1040 However, the most popular size and we  believe the most economical size is the 4m one (13foot) costing £1,400 (all prices subject to vat)

We can make them smaller but the most popular size is 3m x 2m (9foot 8inch x 6foot 5inch) which cost £3,600 + vat

Now that’s a lot more than out Buggy Shelters but they hold more buggies; they are all weather proof; they have a locking door so are secure and you can walk-in them, store car seat & carry items.

Yes, no problem at all.  They come with feet and fixing bolts ready to bolt down to a tarmac or concrete base.  If however you have a greased area you want to use.  For a very low price we shall sub fix (dig in) your buggy shelter and flag the inside.

Not really, we have had large contractors buy them to fit while carrying out works on nurseries; in the end they always call us because they are too difficult.

It cost an average of £500 + vat for us to deliver and install one for you.  This naturally depends on your location and what ground works are required.  Just call us, we can tell you over the phone.

Great question and one we get asked a lot.  Ours are all made from the highest quality aluminium profiles; so once they are polyester powder-coated they will never rust.  If they get scratched, they will not rust, in fact they simply last forever.

Some companies try to make them out of mild steel, but no matter what they say, they do rust.  They are very heavy so need extra ground work, but the main thing is, they don’t last and can cost more.

You have a number of choices.  As standard we glaze the roofs with 4mm clear Petg (solid polycarbonate) and the sides with 16mm clear multiwall polycarbonate.

However, for a small extra cost you can have tinted 4mm Petg or even solid Skybond (aluminium panels)

Our Buggy Shelters come with tether rails that run from front to back to pull the buggies in, we also provide 6 simple cycle locks so you can lock your buggies if you wish.

Now I have to say we have seen some very silly designs where companies trying to copy us have put their tether rails along the front of the Buggy Shelter, how silly, it will pull the buggies out into the rain!

You don’t if you buy one of our aluminium ones, they last forever.  If however you purchase a steel one, 5-10 years.