Bespoke Wellingborough Railway Station (3)
Bespoke Wellingborough Railway Station (3) Bespoke Bus Shelter and seating Bespoke Bus Shelter with seating 2 Bespoke Mersy Flat Tiny

Price On Application + VAT

As Shelter Solutions manufacture everything in house in our own UK factory, Bespoke is really standard to us. So these examples give you only a small insight to what we can do for you, and a lot cheaper than you would imagine.

Each photo tells it’s own story. From the bus shelter built to go over two seats already in place, then onto a Council who required a bus shelter in a beautiful seafront location where we utilised the sea wall to make a seat.  Then a small Parish Council which needed a bus shelter where there was still access to the wall.

Our trained surveyors and our design team will work with yourself and your wishes and specifications to find the right solution for you.

Again, as we hand make all our shelter therefore Bespoke will never cost you more.