Schools Never Rest In The Summer


Contrary to peoples beliefs schools do not close down for six weeks or more, no they remain busy; that’s why work carried out during these week must be carefully planned.

For example, one of a number of projects we undertook during the 2018 summer was three jobs at Houghton Regis Primary School.

A new entrance canopy; removing an old canopy and replacing it with a new outdoor classroom and then enclosing an existing canopy.

We do this by carrying out an initial free site survey, take photos.

Houghton Regis Primary 7.38Mtr x 5.00Mtr

Provide the client with a price and artist impression.

One this has been approved we carry out a more detailed ‘pre manufacture’ site survey and agree the delivery & installation dates. As this project was a H&S risk to the children carrying out this work had to be done in the summer holidays. The next project was enclosing their old canopy. While this could have been carried out with no risk, the children not using these doors for 4 days, we carried out the work at the same time.

Enclosing their current canopy.


The client wished this canopy to be enclosed providing the children a safe place to play and learn all year round. This project was more difficult that you’d think but working closely with Alex Thomas, head of our design department, and discussing all the issues with our fitters, all of whom are employed, here at Shelter Solutions we do not sub contract, so you are assured of quality, we were able to come up with a cost effective yet brilliant proposal.

Houghton Regis Infill Panels & Doors (2)

Finally a simply yet stylish entrance canopy was required, as the canopy provided by the builders provided no protection from the rain.


Here is the simple Dome Entrance canopy we have proposed and which the client have fitted during the holiday.

Entrance Canopy - 3.46Mtr x 3.00Mtr Dome Canopy